Laura Marie Marciano

popular faces

I am getting really tired

of all these popular girls

and their popular moms

who are on drugs and

we aren't even young

anymore and no one is

popular or not popular

but you say ok but

what about the mean

teachers in the lunch room

who gossip about young boys

and each other

Uh I just wish no one

would say

“she is too fat for long nails”

like to want to be pretty

you must already be pretty

I feel like the cloud before it thunders

I feel like the child who has to pee

yes I am holding something in

how did you know?

I am just wanting to be a popular and pretty girl my whole life

I have never stopped wanting

that phew it feels good

to have told you

I can throw out this sparkly

lunchbox now because it was

just a ruse and tricks are for

ugly people aren't they

“yes you would know”

you say

“you are so ugly

your face looks like

that banana peel

in the garbage”

sorry but I thought

what more could

I want than to look

like a banana peel

in the garbage because

how beautiful and

how close to nature

must that be

Laura Marie Marciano feels connected to Dora the Explorer. She too is always waiting for the answer in silence. She teaches people to write for a living and curates Gemstone Readings in NYC. She lives on the internet.

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