Sophia Katz

i don’t want to convince anyone of anything

snoop dogg is obsessed with hot pockets
snoop dog received unlimited hot pockets
just by smoking a lot of weed
and emailing them asking for some

is it possible to do a lot of one drug
and as a result develop a tolerance
to a completely different class of drug

eventually all the lights burn out
and our eyes can’t see colour in the dark
so we’re pretty much fucked

i promise to look at my dinner
with more love than i look at you
and pet the dog more often
than i hold your hand

math is hard
and life is hard
and drugs are [sometimes] hard

and you are gigantic
and beautiful
and tired as hell


my mom’s cat vomited on the carpet and immediately started eating the vomit

it ate all of the vomit, moved ~3 feet down the hallway and vomited again

this time it isn’t eating the vomit

it moved into the study, threw up again, and left

i like the feeling of existing in the social networking atmosphere

right now i feel like sobbing

mostly because of how much love i feel for my friends

i feel like someone that people feel sad looking at

i am looking at pictures of my friends and i miss them

i hate living in this city and i wish i were somewhere else

the vending machine in the basement of my apartment was re stocked tonight

i am furious and ecstatic

i have had 2 solely sexual relationships with curly-haired men of average to low intelligence that play the saxophone

Sophia Katz (b. 1994) is a Toronto-based writer and art school student. Her work has been featured on That Lit Site, Pop Serial, Sappho Zine, and other places in print and online. She is currently compiling her debut poetry/prose collection which will (hopefully) be released late 2014. She has a Twitter account that is funny sometimes.

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