Annaleese Jochems

your every movement is an expression of infinite grandeur,
I said to the bull, who turned his crappy ass to me and placed his head in the sun

each and every muscular man in the world is busy,
because the world is in such dire need of muscular men

my dad’s a farmer and he waves his arms around and yells,
‘fucking yooseless’ spitting enormous amounts of phlegm

busy, busy, busy! I count so many thousands of dandelions!

ragwort stands on top of the mountain and touches the sky like a prince

my dad cooks offal

under large amounts of clouds I put on large amounts of lipstick
with all the precision of someone who can’t drive a car

Annaleese studies Creative Writing at MIT, New Zealand. She wrote her poem in high-school when the boy she had a crush on in English class refused to dump his girlfriend. She's likes E.E Cummings and boys who buy super-size beer jugs on first dates.

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