Chad Hardy & Park Jung Hong


Despite family salinity ranges, soil additives.

The rebels demanded 4.3 scorched earth

“Decayed Moon” etched into her belly

destroying this small fertility god from soldiers elsewhere

city or cinder pricing on Korean relics paired stone wool

staged to swim in Fig. 7

stone grandfathers the trapezoidal tombs connected stars

at the open end of the enclosure

living green minerals

innumerable passages into, out of, and around

these various human sanctuaries

war brewing between basaltic melts in length

carbon free speech

the only to death is adamant.


Quaternary geology in the enemy

the bramble of razor wire

Ethical Economics of groundmass

greater than bamboo spears

in which only guilt is copyrighted

propped up here with others,

its guardians: gods and favorable capitalistic buffer

their haste to the state companies

or conduits, with its celestial end firmly lodged

into the north-pole star, which

channeled the flow of heaven's blessings,

the nations now in each other

inside one flower,

muddying the springwater

to “foster a world environment”

that flows from the Gureombi

in which the American system

can survive and flourish.

The antique geomancer's compass,

found sandwiched

between two sedimentary rocks

the path that curves sharply at the

entranceways to human habitats

to reassess the scope of the onslaught

the rough-hewn volcanic stones

are often piled high, forming a solid closet,

protective against the elements and totally dark.

Chad Hardy teaches English in South Korea. The writing here comes from a book length work-in-progress focused on the construction of a military base on the Korean island of Jeju. His work has appeared in various journals, and his collaboration with Joe Hall, The Container Store Vols. I & II, is available through Springgun Press.

Park Jung Hong makes pottery in Seoul. The work pictured here comes from his series A Rock, a reference to Gureombi, the black rock coastline that is being destroyed to make way for the base. You can view more of his work at:

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