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Third Tritone Lecture

The Art of Psychopathy is its own Tritone, and is connected to the Tritone of the Art of War as well as the triumvirate Tritone of Murder, Rape, and Torture previously discussed, all of which are distinguished from the visual arts, or music, or literature, etc., as they eschew traditional media (in the sense of a “middle” or “intermediary”) in favor of working directly upon human flesh.
The Art of War hath not one body but an army and may take for its canvas a landscape, a populace, corpus mundi, corpus populi, ad nauseum.
The Art of Psychopathy also works directly on the flesh via the so-called mind, which, the metaphor holds, exists in body of the beholder of the Art.
The Sociopath—or the PsyMage, or the FleshPoet, etc—works directly upon the target audience : the reader, the listener, the viewer, the client, etc, who is no longer merely an observer of a work of art but becomes the work of art, transformed into both the observer and the object observed, symbol and sacrifice, beauty and beholder, ad nauseum.


One is no less and no more.
One is a big fucking bore.
So there’s that.

With Jesus on top.
Upon whom I call when I feel I am but One.
And who talks to me directly because I am clinically insane.

Oh, but we joke!
I may not be Mr. God Symbol Man, but I’m also not dead!
That kind of stuff.

Two is sweet delight, but as if behind a door.
And Two doth go on and on, contrary to conventional wisdom — i.e., Two is not, and never will be, two alone, unless that two is One or Three, etc.
And also there is a she. And also a he. And others who are neither or more, or neither and more, and more who are others, and more, for they who are other are forever more, and together they form a Tritone beneath the Tedious Two (Science) and the Annoying One (Religion) and the Perfect Zero (Magic).


Some people love hearing which current celebrity did what today, etc; but aside from wanking to a sex tape so I can take a fucking nap, yo, I prefer the Jesus story, no matter how many times it comes up — so to speak! — but I’ve also watched the first five seasons of the X-Files probably twenty times or something.
I especially love the part when Jesus’s murdered corpse was rotting but He moved on to Symboldom.
In Symboldom, it does not matter if He lived, because He is a god.


Four is the system that failed you.


Five is the knowledge that we, dear reader, are not gods.
Or more accurately: there is every chance I will be a god by the time you encounter this scripture, dear Reader — dear Unfallen Lord of Life — but you may take comfort in knowing that you are not a god but may “play pretend” until you are.
This is Key.
For you, celebrities may be close enough. Or at any rate, feel free to invoke us.
This is key :
See the Star you are.

Six completes the Tritone of Pharmaka kai Orgia kai Goêteia : DrugMagic, Ritual Perversions, and Heaps of Goddamn Laughter Surrounding a Fixed Set of Language-Matter Sounds and Symbols; including Electric Wizard, Orchid, Purson, Uncle Acid, Windhand, et al.

Seven is heiroglyphilia but also innocent priests(!) and, for the sake of the precious children, tortured cries from their doomed future on this rock of storms

Eight is a crippling pain

O, Jesus of Nazereth! Jesus whom I adore! Jesus who hung out with ugly whores and hot gay men and retarded kids who smell like crap.
Jesus who gave a big Fuck You to the Romans and the Rabbis alike. Jesus who, for all his Magic was promptly strung up, tortured, and killed just as he would be today. Jesus of the side that loses, whose magic remains in darkness the world over.
Jesus of Nazareth, lover of women and children and the lot — lover of fluffy bunnies, too, we might expect, if Jesus ever saw a fluffy bunny, which we can’t say for certain due to sketchy nature of his bio — Jesus who didn’t have a prayer of surviving, killed like all the rest, sad little man — Eli Eli lama sabachhani — Jesus, King of Loser Occult.


Ten doesn’t matter a whit


Eleven is last time we’ll meet.

Be the Star you are:

12 = 0


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Christian Peet currently writes about crime and magic(k) and is publisher for Tarpaulin Sky Press. Forthcoming books include Angela's Story (GenPop Books 2014) Crimen Magiae: No Evidence, No Jury, No Justice (GPB 2015). He is also the author of Big American Trip (Shearsman Books) and a chapbook-series called The Nines (Palm Press and Interbirth Books). His work appears in the anthologies The Best of Fence (Fence Books) and A Megaphone (Chain Arts) and in journals and websites such as Denver Quarterly, Montevidayo, and SleepingFish.

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