Christine Herzer

Ripping off the story

Last night someone hit on me, my whole life movied inside of me, I was afraid, not much, and then very afraid, I wanted to fall through the place I had fallen through in 2004, sometimes the place appears on my face, if someone touched my face when the place is present,

I wasn’t into language when I was with him, I am not sure how much language I had in me at the time, how much language I lost, how much language has grown back, I wanted to accept the ride the guy had offered.

Last night I wanted to go backwards and I wanted to go forward, having sex would have meant going forward, having sex would have meant going backward, bringing some guy home would have been meant going forward, bringing some guy home would have meant going backward.

I would like to think that I would have wanted to speak.

Christine Herzer is a poet and visual artist. She divides her time between Paris and India. For more information about Christine Herzer's work see http://christineherzer.tumblr.com/  and http://honeymooninthefridge.tumblr.com/.

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