Angela Stubbs

All Lines Point To It

1. No accidents

2. No alcohol

3. No asking

4. No bonding

5. No commiserating

6. No details

7. No difference

8. No flexibility

9. No gifts

10. No history

11. No knowing

12. No knowledge

13. No leaning

14. No love

15. No luck

16. No needing

17. No past

18. No perfect

19. No picking

20. No please

21. No prying

22. No regression

23. No reward

24. No shabbat

25. No sharing

26. No static

27. No texting

28. No waiting

29. No want

30. No winning

30. No wish

31. No wonder

32. No words

33. No no

34. Noyesnoyesnoyesnoyesnoyesnoyesnonononononono

35. No

36. Yes

Angela Stubbs lives in Los Angeles and is an MFA graduate of the Jack Kerouac School at Naropa University. Her work has appeared in or is forthcoming from Sleepingfish, Black Warrior Review, Bombay Gin, esque Magazine, elimae, Puerto del Sol, The Nervous Breakdown, Not Enough Night, Marco Polo Quarterly, Lambda Literary, DIAGRAM, Astrophil Press, The Collagist, Bookslut and others. She is the author of a fiction column at The Nervous Breakdown and recently completed a collection of hybrid fiction entitled, Try To Remain Hidden and is at work on a collection of poetry.

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