Lauren Schimming

Pallor I stepped on

Pallor I stepped on
calm diluted water,
ceiling sewn,  somber
     serrate   dull dissonance,
     no bray issued on key
          Change the soil doctor
          prayer day nova umber.
Salute the song calm
girl in a statue desire,
       one to say tambourine.
       Power, I stepped on,
Dew blacker than
lacquered sonnets.

Slippery the air we consume

dust frosts shelves   skipping
 stones on gravel we land   still
            warm breaths hover
  undulating beneath bridges

slippery the air we consume
    arms abounding twine
underlined words swathed
            nests wound peopling

drawers recount the sound
of lines plummeting exteriors
                        rhythm confined
  buried parched in pockets

Lauren Schimming is a poet and fiction writer. She is a managing editor for Coconut Books and works as a graphic designer for Hallmark Cards in Kansas City. 

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