Rachel Zucker

The Farthing Rushlight

One evening the husband yelled, “EW! You smell like a rotten egg!”

The husband yelled, “Disgusting! Disgusting! Disgusting!” as he rolled around with their little boy, tickling him and smelling the little boy’s feet. The little boy laughed and shrieked and laughed so hard he struggled to catch his breath.

“Stop!” begged the boy, who wanted it to go on forever.

She wiped down the counters in the kitchen, surprised to feel a nut of envy hardening in her belly. She wanted to be touched that way. No, not that way.

Rachel Zucker is the author of four books of poetry, most recently Museum of Accidents as well as two anthologies andHome/ birth: a poemic (co-written with Arielle Greenberg) a book about birth, friendship, and feminism. "Farthing Rushlight" is from a new series called Fables. Zucker lives in New

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