Kendra Grant Malone

Something happened for us
that I'm sure has never happened
exactly like it did for anyone before

last night that
moment happened
the one you wanted
so bad on the balcony
that you tried to
force it
and man,
since then you've
gotten so so good
at forcing
and you've become
the dangerous one
and I've been given
back my virginity
I can tell
because of all
the blood I can
taste on
your penis

so that moment
and I was crouched
half naked
watching Maya
pose with her dead eyes
"easy back there"
he said to me
I saw nova's arms
twitch a little from
and my friend
who is rotten like
me shouted commands
that might have
I don't know
but when the
was good
and my gloves sweaty
I thought of you
and it was good

Kendra Grant Malone is the author of Everything is Quiet and, with Matthew Savoca, of Morocco. She lives in Brooklyn.

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