Pedro Poitevin

The Waterfall

Pressing a stick against the sand, I draw
a large rectangular canal then trap
sea water to surround the lower ward.
Building the castle will take hours: this part,
however, isn't hard—this is the spot
to carve a self-replenishable loop.
In beach sand sculpting contests nothing tops
ensuring water flows into the pool.
Next, I'll design a slope that will deliver
the waves to sway the model boat I'll moor
to the canal. I know I'll be reviled
by my competitors, but in my room
I'll take delight in what they sawthe devil
curved a path through sand, and Escher lived.

A mathematician by profession, Pedro Poitevin is a bilingual poet living in Marblehead, Massachusetts. His poems have appeared in several Spanish and English language publications, including Letras Libres and Mathematical Intelligencer. He has published a book of palindromes (Eco Da Eco De Doce A Doce, Ediciones La Galera, México).

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