Jibade-Khalil Huffman


Instead of watching
a woman repeatedly
dropping her glasses
on the floor of the subway

and two people
sitting near her
reaching to help
when she drops her glasses

and each time
they bump heads
and say sorry
and laugh about it.

Instead of Major Dad
why not

just watch
these commercials.

Your love

was going to take us higher

into space
and get us

into “Spanish”
and get rowdy
after the fact

when it was silent
after the rest of

the vitamins were chewed.
Our mechanism

for removing

our drawers
is the only thing going
so far as          
tomorrow is concerned
with baited breath

has to know
where they think they
can rent a van
and cop a feel.

Your dream
is necessarily

someone else’s idea
of good fun               
in several phrases
of the jaw

and some of
the time before
we get to the station
during which

much is revealed
about a troubadour
who’d been standing
in the background
the whole time
pulling the woman’s glasses
with a string.

Jibade-Khalil Huffman is the author of two books of poems, 19 Names For Our Band Fence, 2008) and James Brown is Dead (Future Plan and Program, 2011). His art and writing projects, spanning photography, video, performance and poetry, have been exhibited and performed at MoMA/PS1, Mt. Tremper Arts and Southern Exposure, among others. He was recently a Workspace Artist-in-Residence with the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council in New York. Educated at Bard College and Brown University, he lives and works in Los Angeles where he is an MFA candidate in studio art at the University of Southern California.

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