Sampson Starkweather

Some General Instructions

When faced with a moral or ethical dilemma
always use your imagination,
do not be alarmed by asparagus pee 
or it’s cousin, beet-pee, there is no guide to being alive
just a lot of electrons and time, unfortunately 
it’s true, people cannot be trusted,
but do it anyway. It’s great! Trust me. 
I have proof. If you encounter a beached whale do not call
the authorities, at least not right away, take some time
to walk around the large mammal, you should not waste 
the opportunity to touch one of mother nature’s most astonishing creatures,
look it in the eye, and if the feeling comes over you, say something
to the whale, for far too long we have neglected whale-human communication,
and after it all, it’s beached, and could use some company, they travel in pods
and are not accustomed to being alone, so I imagine it would be very scared,
and maybe for a few seconds, exhilarated to be on land, an entirely different
surface, surrounding, and set of rules, I won’t say world, but we can agree 
on “otherworldly,” as if one is suddenly flung onto an un-understood materiel 
or profane sphere, but of course it can’t breathe, so about now you should probably 
be calling the nearest whaling authorities, assuming you have a cell-phone ...

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