Bryan Beck

from "Best Friends"

I have this out-of-control windmill arm
so the townspeople all voted
to kick me out and tie me

to this old maypole 
in a field like where a real windmill might be
so I couldn’t get too close to the kids.

For the month of June, Everyday Genius has become a print journal. The 110-page magazine features work from 21 writers and four artists. Full content will be made available online in June 2013; until then, copies can be purchased with the link above. Here's the issue on Goodreads.


  1. Love this one. My wife snagged the issue before I even had a chance to see it, mainly because she read this poem and immediately worked into a lesson plan for her high school students. I eventually got to read it too.

  2. Oh awesome, thanks Scott. Glad you got to read it at last.