Marit Ericson

In Which I Realize What I'd Written Sounds Like a Double Entendre

I said the syntax, like taffy,
stretches and stretches,
and, with a little more
stretching, prolongs the
point, the felt truth, and
what else does this do,
in a potential email to
a cordial-but-not-close
colleague, than create
tension? Or is it the release
that makes it taffy? my
polite brain, to my on-task
ego, taking a sip of oolong,
not even erasing a nip slip
or a rude tab, thought.

Marit Ericson is from New England but will probably find herself somewhere in Canada, is what she honestly wouldn’t mind. Her work has appeared in a couple handfuls of journals including The Monongahela Review, Umbrella Factory, and Segue.

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