Timothy Willis Sanders

It’s just nice and I want it

She says, “I love hiking. Used to go with my dad,” and skips songs. “Once we were walking. This man behind a bush.” She makes her hand an O. She shakes her hand and says, “Right here.” She presses her calf.

“They said they hadn’t seen him before.”

“I want - I don’t know how you say it - Mass-ooo-Mahnn Guy....”

“We took a different trail.”


She rubs her stomach and says, “Full of Mass-ooo-Mahnn Guy.” She signs the receipt. She flicks a peanut off her chest and says, “There’s a toaster oven at Target. Fits probably 6 bagels. It’s 89 bucks.”

“I’ll have money. After this paycheck.”

“Dad tried to catch him. He’s old.”

“It’s Digital Convection.”


She watches her navel being circled. She watches her legs lift and bend above her. She sniffs back snot. She looks at her shoulder and pretends. She imagines her friend Sarah and pictures Sarah’s blonde hair. She says, “Sarah doesn’t have problems,” and opens a window.

“I said I don’t have my cigarettes.”

“Stop bringing my dad up. Wish I never told you.”

“I checked my purse.”


She takes a bath. She dries off and walks to her room. She takes another bath. She dries off and walks to her room. She gets dressed and picks up her purse. She says, “Going to Target.”

“It’s just nice and I want it.”


She walks through sliding glass doors. She looks at her face in the display model. She wipes under her eyes.

Timothy Willis Sanders is the author of the collection Orange Juice and Other Stories. He lives in Austin, TX.

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