Jordan Davis


Gap-style jeans, hair back in a barrette,
You're accused of growing bioluminescent algae
Out of your no no, but it's that quick,
There goes your life, football manager live,
Fluorometholone, family medical leave,
Field manipulation language, ferret
Mailing list, follow my lead, famous last
Words, full maximum likelihood, Fiji Muslim
League, Frequency Measurement Logic,
For my lover, fuck my life. 


What an old memory!
An old way of standing there,
Hands in pockets, thinking
How good it would be
To movie to the sit I mean
Move to the city,
Not be dripping milk
From a straw into crossword
Puzzle boxes... When I think
Of the moments of betrayal
My old loves wrapped up
In bacon for me, I can see
Why so many writers
Advocate for the past tense --
Impossible not to see
Those pictures under the eyelids,
And the cleaning product smell!
It's practically the neurons
Themselves. Today I sit
On a diagonal staring
At a screen up on its side,
But tomorrow I will be
Dismantling the rhetoric
From inside the jack o'lantern,
Starving, shivering,
Somehow acing the purity test
The monadnock or inselberg
Drops on my valley
Like science. I'm just that good
And so are you. Thank you
For keeping me honest,
Thank you for keeping me.


The trick is to see it.
The videogame lives on
Under my eyelids as I drift
Into sloppiness. The what?
Cowabunga goes free
From its carnival bag,
The serial Oxford laughter
Funneling up from a wide
Turnover pan somebody
Forgot to wrap for its
Spa treatment, a Now-and-
Later sticking to the window
Like potato unto rib
Or sentiment to glance,
Hateful-style. And what
About it, this hateful drift,
Familiar rhetoric, piano
Lesson, stewed onion?
I'll take it, and you
Would too (semblable
Wouldn't make a good horror
Movie title but I like it,
I take it, I make it, hmm
What other four-letter words
Ending with a k sound
Can we think of, class?)
And we for a moment
Are fed, happy, together,
Writhing and dreaming
The laugh of a carnivore,
A big one, but not too big.


In partnership with your deepest secrets.
Now, you can watch your dreams unfold on the screen.
Take a good look, that's you talking.
Anytime you need a reason, reach out and it's there.
Imagine your confidence when you step into the river.
If it's medical, we've got it.
When you have to believe yourself more than ever.
Who doesn't like armadillo.
What do you see through your windshield.
You'll love the way they think you feel.
You're always one stop ahead.
Give yourself the chance you've always wanted.
Who can tell? You never will.
Just smell that fresh-baked bread.
Tonight, tomorrow, forever.
Picture their surprise --
They won't be able to stop finding out they're real.
You call the meeting, you set the agenda, you work the trap.
Time will have no meaning for her.
You won't be able to stand still.
As pure and refreshing as sunlight and seafoam.
Get off for good!
It isn't a game until you catch the razor.
Friends, love, and starting over every day.
Never needs pulling or re-orienting.
How much of your paycheck would you like to keep?
It won't happen to you -- again.
Break that five-a-day habit and make money from home!
Just like a fairy godmother, but better.
Hello isn't just a word, it's a way of life.
If it isn't in your heart, we didn't put it in the box.

Jordan Davis's writing about poetry appears at the Poetry Foundation, Constant Critic, and in The Nation. POD, a collection of poems written on demand, is forthcoming from Greying Ghost.

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