Seth Landman

What of the water, what of the trouts.

You fear change. You change.
You pity the red and side with the service.
You prison the city and stand for seed.
You heard a proclamation
your house would come down.
You change your eyes; I’ll be on
your side. I would speak
a hundred. You wonder what is that.
Our fast is not looked after.
The river turns to restraint.
The river is the father of the city
so looked after. Our natures go away
not so. One word is a word you look to.
Is it pulled down? Is it peculiar?

Seth Landman lives in Denver, CO. His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Glitterpony, Skein, Boston Review, Jubilat, VOLT, Sir!, Forklift, Ohio, and other places. He is a member of the Agnes Fox Press collective, and edits the small magazine Invisible Ear.

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