Michele Bajona

 15x12”. Watercolor and ink on paper. Michele Bajona.

 15x12”. Watercolor on paper. Michele Bajona.

 15x12”. Watercolor and ink on paper. Michele Bajona.

Michele Bajona (Vicenza, Italy, 1971)

Michele Bajona graduated with a degree in architecture in Venice in 1997. He lives in Barcelona where he paints, and in New York where he practices architecture. In 1988 he became a member of the artistic circle “La Soffitta" where he discovered the magic of watercolors thanks to maestro Otello de Maria. In 2001 he met watercolorist Frederic Wong and started his studies of models. He’s a member of The Art Student League of New York, and in Barcelona he’s a member of Cercle Artistic S. Lluc.

The artist has shown his work in a number of collective and solo exhibitions in Italy, and the United States. Simultaneously to his recent solo exhibition in Barcelona, a group of selected watercolors was shown at the Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery in New York.

Michele Bajona at Issuu and on Youtube.

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