Elizabeth Ellen

In Addition

People said she didn’t drink, but this wasn’t true. She drank but not around people. After they met she began drinking more and seeing people less. She drank what she liked to drink and then she drank what she didn’t like to drink in addition. She drank bottles leftover from people she was no longer in contact with and thought nothing of them while doing so. The man had said she was picky. She was out to prove him wrong. The man had said, “I want the last heart I break to be my own.” She wanted to disprove him of this as well. She said, “I want the last heart I break to be yours.” She went to the store and loaded her cart with bottles. She threw in some granola bars also. She didn’t want to completely compromise her nutrition. She went home and poured a drink and ate a bar. She thought about what the man had said and then she thought about what she had said. It was the same thing, really. She made a toast and drank to the idea of the man’s heart breaking. She looked around, wondered where he’d gone.

Elizabeth Ellen is the author of Before You She Was a Pit Bull (Future Tense) and Sixteen Miles Outside of Phoenix (Rose Metal Press). Her new collection of flash - Mouthfeel - is due out from Paper Hero Press any day now.

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