Andy Devine

Body of Work

Armchair, Armenia, armor, armrest, army ant, backboard, backish, backless, backmatter, backrest, backrush, backstay, backstitch, backstreet, backward, backwater, backyard, belly flop, bellyland, bellyward, bloodroot, bloodstone, bloody, bloodwort, bonefish, bone knife, bone meal, bonespace, bonespring, butt, butter, butterfish, buttermilk, butternut, butterscotch, butterweed, butt hinge, button, button bush, chestnut, chestward, chesticular, China, eyebolt, eyebright, eyecup, eyehole, eyehook, eyelet, eyetooth, fear, fingerboard, finger bowl, fingerling, finger post, footboard, footcloth, foothill, foothold, footlights, footmark, footnote, footrest, footstone, footstool, footwall, Great Neck, haircloth, hairpin, hair shirt, hair space, hairspring, hair stroke, hairworm, handball, handbarrow, handbill, handcar, hand down, handle, handoff, hand out, handrail, handsome, head off, headband, headboard, head gate, headlamp, headland, headlight, headmost, headrest, headsail, head shop, headstone, heartdom, hearty, heelpost, hippo, kneel, knuckler, Lake Erie, leghorn, legible, legume, lipread, lipstick, lung fish, nose cone, nosepiece, shoulder belt, shoulder harness, skin effect, skink, skinny, thumbnut, thumbscrew, thumbtack, thump, toecap, toehold, tongue and groove, tonguefish, toothache tree, tooth shell, toothsome, wristband, wrist pin, wristwatch.

Andy Devine’s alphabetical fiction and essays have appeared in a variety of literary magazines. In 2007, he published a chapbook, “As Day Same That the the Was Year” (Publishing Genius Press). WORDS (2010, Publishing Genius Press) is his first book. Andy Devine Avenue — in Flagstaff, Arizona — is named after him.

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