Amelia Gray

Questions Asked While Sitting on the Laundry Room Floor

1. What would it be like if all the rooms in the house were small and warm like this one? Could I find someone who would build me a house of small rooms? What would it cost to finance the construction of such a house?

2. Has this become the only I way I can solve my problems?

3. Are they talking about me? I heard my name. They're talking about me. That was definitely my name she just said. What are they doing out there?

4. Would this not be a great place for an aluminum can crusher?

5. Is it my detergent causing the rash?

6. I used to be able to fit my whole body between the dryer and the wall, but now my hips are stuck. Am I becoming a woman?

7. Linoleum? Really?

8. Nobody ever remembers the laundry room. How can I work that to my advantage?

9. What will my life be like when I learn how to sew a button?

10. What in here could I eat to survive, if I decided to never leave this room? Does dryer lint have nutritional value? Has my mother ever asked these questions?

Amelia Gray is a writer living in Austin, TX. She is the author of AM/PM, published by Featherproof Books, and Museum of the Weird, due Fall 2010 through Fiction Collective 2. Her writing has appeared in American Short Fiction, McSweeney's Internet Tendency, DIAGRAM, and Caketrain, among others. She blogs at

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