Lucia Diaz-French

Happy Birthday

Just don't go back to midnight
Baby Baby
please don't go.

You've already left the show early
and they did their part in reminding
you, with a surprise appearance,
that you were watching
blacked out.

Manhattan really felt like an island,
like a really private island.

You fell all over tables,
and the ginger behind the bar
said “how did she get this way?”

You tried to buy a condom,
because the hand-job in the
bathroom stall was technically
not a one-night stand.

Joshua, who used to be called Josh,
pulled you into a cab
Someone else helped
someone you loved and someone you embarrassed.

Lucia Diaz-French is a playwright, but really she’s more of a poet, but really she’s just an actress, but really she can only sing, but really she’s kind of writing a novel about Minnesota but she hates it, so really she’s considering turning it into a play instead.

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