Larry O. Dean


Sometimes I pee in your bathroom.
I turn on the faucets
and the rushing water helps me get done
fast. I like the sound of your toilet
flushing; my own is nothing
to write home about.
In fact, it's kind of slow, and draggy.
I asked the landlord to fix it
but he has “bigger fish to fry.”
I always pay my rent on time; but no.
Your door was open. It's a secure
building but I double-lock mine.
You can't be too careful. Once
I stepped into your tub; those colorful
sea life decals really made my day.
I took off my shoes first. I wished
I could have taken a bath then
and there but I got scared;
I jumped out and grabbed
my shoes and when I saw my
reflection in the mirror I was
as white as a ghost. I won't do that
again. Your soap smells nice.

Larry O. Dean was born and raised in Flint, Michigan. As a young man, he worked with Academy Award-winning filmmaker Michael Moore. His latest book of poetry, Brief Nudity, is out now by Salmon Poetry. Find more:

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