Carolyn DeCarlo and Jackson Nieuwland

Live Walmart Baby from Carolyn DeCarlo and Jackson Nieuwland on Vimeo.

Live Walmart baby, I love you.
I love your legs, and I love your west,
and I love the perfect curve at shore
of your feeling in my hand,
and I like your black sleek color,
and I like the way you feel my uterus.

All I do is live for being my brain
I don't like it one bit.
You are speaking in such a nasal voice
and I think maybe me, maybe you're entertaining me
but maybe maybe I'll just tell your voice to sound
like by, because we spend every waking minute
of every waking dead,
every sleeping minutes for a sleeping die
in the same-- I meant to say in bed,
talking to each other, and you of hairs on your face
that I just keep pulling them out.

The thing is withholding longer now,
and my voice is the nasal.
So my navel is Henry
and I hear your loads.
Sometimes I have his on my face, in you,
trying to take them off
but they connected to my face that you pull the better.

Do you like that one off?
Do you like my face?
Do you like my voice?
Do you like by toes in your b***?

I love everything about you
so you should be nice to me.
Nice nice doggy,
don't you think of my dog?
Will I look like one song?
Just going to stay in.
Carolyn DeCarlo likes witches. Jackson Nieuwland likes unicorns. They live in New Zealand, where they edit UP Literature and work at a primary school together. They have written an ebook, Twilight Zone. This talk poem is part of their next collection.

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