Tim Earley


mead at clog. in the moar this chicken red tipped and phenomenon. gossips lord aslant. in a sense I live only to violate and shudder but not even the bounding line is moved by my betrothals. today is scanning of thrift pants. a new mate is possible. and with that an entirely new coaglum of being. a heaven recurving as the sky. the v’s the possums make as they migrate to the orange grove of the floridas. cut a hole in that goddamned porch. lordy or a dog or sponge absorbent corpse ill-benamed and permanent in its dimensions is hiding down there. the diaspora safely contained in the castle. nothing shall overbear my paramourmal incantations. my first addressee is the weathervane. my first lover was not oafish or dressed as hyena was not redolent of plums did not scotch an apple in her mouth there were no reams of grotesque children packed into her suitcase yet. she was a bureaucrat with an arrow through her thigh. a gestural impasse. she was my heart before my heart realized sex is a displacement an irritation of alternatives a metallic license and always occurring under a bridge either my ear is imaginary or there is a far away mote in it. when she smiled a dominant theme was reintroduced. to conceive a gallant chapter in the arsenic pool. wind a sissure heaming and so cannot direct my lustful action, friends. obey the garland for form cannot repent. or for further instance me and these animals have conjugal contracts our degrees of insight mobled and good men left to urinate on spring-toothed harrows poor in worms and peculiar in green. desiderated quark rondel reminds us of the cauteled mule and bredwine maggot. in our brains numerous trematodes dispense their furrows. we are forced nightly to labor and inform.

Tim Earley is the author of two collections of poems, Boondoggle (Main Street Rag, 2005) and The Spooking of Mavens (Cracked Slab Books, 2010). A chapbook, Catfish Poems, is forthcoming from Delete Press. His work has appeared in Chicago Review, Colorado Review, Typo, jubilat, La Petite Zine, Muthafucka, and other journals. He is a Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Mississippi and teaches in the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown's Online Writing Program.

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