Sampson Starkweather

Department of Commerce
               —for Dara Wier

forgive me
I can’t stop blogging
a logos of LEGOs
building bullshit
since 1800-whatever
you’re welcome
are you going as Ground Zero
for Halloween again
running low
on Obama masks
just say boo a lot
and carry a big
bank statement
Abraham Lincoln’s beard
sold online for 2 million euros
it’s about time
for some green on green crime  
for once
could someone just die
from rainbow-related causes
Progress is more than a town
in Arizona
the Census tells us
people are afraid
of the Census
hard to get more modern
than not being born
what happened to all the hot robots
we were promised
and cities of dolphins
if forgetting a beer
in the freezer was a job
I’d be a billionaire
what you win
for being born
call it the Grief Sweepstakes
your existence cracked
an accidental algorithm
for nothing
Regan was right—
you’re a winner!
now relax into it
like a waterbed
look at the lazy ocean
getting fat
off kick-backs and wind-surfing law suits
I tell you what
selling bags of seawater
could be the next Netflix
could grow like swans
vivid blank thunder
what have you done for us
who knew this face-changer app
would start a race riot
should get a patent for that
the soul is an animal
clawing to get out
but we have fat tranquilizers
for that and the mind
an old-fashioned monster
in the dressing room
in front of the mirror
with a cigarette
trying to figure something out
could use a power nap
and some enriched uranium
the world is just a big rock
that’s the way things are
heavens to murgatroyd
love is down
200 points
some dumb compass predicted this
yet we climb into the blue boat
like reason in a storm
call it merciful or remote
all in
in america
where every dream ends
with a bull                           
in a corvette
at a red light

Sampson Starkweather is the author of 5 chapbooks, most recently Like Clouds Never Render from O’clock Press. His city-destroying mechabook The First Four Books of Sampson Starkweather is forthcoming from Birds, LLC in early 2013. He lives in Brooklyn and is a founding editor of Birds, LLC. He is the starting shooting guard for the Williamsburg Crunchers, the world’s most famous poetry basketball team.

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