Krystal Languell

Do you have brain damage too? Me three. The short memory.
I miss Toledo.               I don’t think Vespa scooters are sexy.
Do you mind hearing it again?              I just don’t.
During commercials, forget what I’m watching. Jersey Shore:
I feel superior. Golden Girls: I feel empowered, rapt & unmoving.

A slow talker says, “Where are the bodegas? In Brooklyn
you can go to a bodega                and get a Snapple.” Indisputable
& at the flea market you can buy milkman receipts from 1907
              & personal correspondence. The din in my museum
overpowers what’s outside the window—it’s old noise, vintage.

Trend: scrolling through ringtones      Trend: bees trapped in the bus
Trend: high school fight songs            Trend: stoned at the Little Debbie display
Trend: dorm room porno                    Trend: filesharing software / ethernet
Trend: shower stall sex                      Trend: sometimes recycling batteries
Trend: the keg party tantrum             Trend: spring allergies blooming

Krystal Languell is a member of the Belladonna* Collaborative. She is the poetry editor for Noemi Press as well as the founding editor ofBone Bouquet. She can be found in Brooklyn.

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