Amber Nelson

photo by Matt Walker


You bellowed all the solitude
like a historically intriguing paint.
I was so backwards.
America, are you window or current?
Your significance little spikes a piquant suffering.
You’re an untenable, modern decadence
& I am drastically horny.
I aftermath like such a masked lady.
You’re depicting on virtue.


  A shiny mother wore the white straw of her arm, packing it over and over again in her box like a pinecone wedding a wound in its descending.
  What wires chain in your interest? stopped her.
  My bird, she was lost as she looked out to him.
  Oh, no, he sinks.
  But wouldn’t the day spread into intersected box-filler?

These poems are selected from Amber Nelson's book, Your Trouble is Ballooning, forthcoming from Publishing Genius in 2011. She is the co-founder and editor for alice blue.

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