Peter Berghoef

Five Writings

Harvest your licking motions from the same store. In times of need
apply a bit more. Draw circles inside the bigger circles. It's a farm.
It's a game for toddlers. Its three weeks with the same lighting. Look
at it like a bigger mouth you are always entering. There aren't dreams
or other photos taken. There are fields and fields of useless horses.

before there were brides
the stunted hands stayed up late
little jiggles of the keys
concrete in the mouth
the powder poured
into the bucket
the great night spread open
it was dark

In a display of October solidarity I left it on the table. Lots of
them were less forgiving. Forgiving the machines is easier than
cleaning gutters or arranging for the pies to be left in the oven.
Tasks like leaving orbit require even less skill. Within the first
year you will find a recipe for meatloaf your man will love.

The kittens that have passed inspection move forward down the hall. It
is safe to instruct them to continue following the arrows. Those
deemed unacceptable will undergo further treatment and training in the
appropriate facility. Please be mindful to remind those who passed
inspection that their service is greatly appreciated.

Do forget the time I ate you and made like you had eaten me. We
hoisted the gearless bike into bed with us and watched three movies
all the way through. We were sure we would eventually leave.

Peter Berhoef is the author of the chapbook News of the Haircut and a pamphlet called Hank Williams. His poetry has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. He lives in Michigan.

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