Justin Dobbs

The Chicken Farmer

The chicken farmer arrived at the chicken shack at five in the afternoon and looked in at his chickens, most of whom were sleeping. The chicken farmer felt sad feeding the chickens, as he knew that the chickens would eventually be eaten, or else the chickens would revolt against the chicken farmer and ransack his house, eventually overcoming the chicken farmer's wife, and pecking out her eyeballs. But this could never happen, the chicken farmer knew, because of the way that chickens were weak, couldn't think straight, would only panic and throw themselves against the walls, or else lie docilely on the floor of the chicken shack until the chicken farmer came in to cut their heads off.

And yet out of all these chickens the chicken farmer knew that there was one in particular. The chicken's name was Cal. Cal was awake and was now staring intently at the chicken farmer who tried to avoid his gaze, but found that he could not, for overall he was quite intrigued by Cal; he liked him and would feed him extra, not even for the purposes of fattening him up. But what Cal knew that the chicken farmer didn't know that he knew, was that the chicken farmer had a wife, and her name was Susan, that she was sympathetic towards Cal in particular, just like the chicken farmer, but more so, even so much as to want him to sleep with her in her bed, and in place of her husband.

Justin Dobbs lives in Seattle.

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