Joel Griffith

Sara Meets A Duck

And Evil Duck I
Say low and she
Brags of migratory
Travel plans
Trips to Rio etc

And laughs so
Scandalously people
Coming out from
The bank stare at
Us and a girl

Drops her ice-
Cream cone and a woman
Smears their lipstick
And a man spins
His head around in

The sun once and I
Run my tongue
Over my bottom
Lip and Evil Duck
I whisper

And she shows her duck
Tongue and quacks
And I go ahead
And meet

A man in the
Sun who’s Just spun
His head around
And I ask
Him for his pen

And he looks
Down my blouse
And I hear
Duck Laaaaauuugh
Away off

Behind me in the sun
And the man
Shouts something
At my chest
And he gives me

His pen
But I’m not listening
And I snatch
The pen and I
Turn hard on

My heel
And I shout loudly
In my head
Evil Duck and I shout
Evil Duck

And duck quuuuuaaaaaaacks
And laaaaaaauuuughs
Joel Griffith plays guitar and sings in the superhero rock band, Dean Trinity. He lives in Baltimore, MD.

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