Andrew Borgstrom

Reflected Off the Occasional Bone
We thought about learning the intricacies of intricate things. We decided to just watch more television and sleep more. When I looked the other way, you talked to the empty spaces where the words used to be. You could use the company. Graphite stretch marks, blood-seep, bubble’s pores. Staring at painted walls at the blood no longer there. Bundles of sixty. The same amount of time it took to tie your shoes or brush my teeth. Forty wiped up already. Ten back into the pill bottle. Ten down the drain. Fifteen tying knots and kicking over chairs. Five in the knife block. How much depends on how much. We measured the distance from Formica to linoleum. It seemed longer, I said. Hardened cinnamon rolls, you said.

Andrew Borgstrom's fiction almost appears in Caketrain, Syntax, Wigleaf, and The Anemone Sidecar. His collection reflected off the occasional bone will be published in This PDF Chapbook in 2009.

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