Kyle Beatty


Blank input.Winner takes all. Winner stored in order to inhibit learning if the winning decision in not a learn concept (combo lobe)
Blank input.Winner takes all.          

Convert vision input (if) into an inverse
make distance [weight] (if) into an inverse. The vision lobe specifies whether an object of this noun category can be seen and if it can where it is [input significance][relaxation rate][wander behavior]

Input multiplied by [dendrite weight] is the output.
Only nudges if there is already a stimuli, i.e can see or smell

Blank state
Calculate change.[maximum nudge]
Nudge neuron
accordingly. Save Last Signal for next time.

Kyle Beatty was born in Oakland, CA where he currently resides. His chapbooks,  “Wrong Side of Nothing” (c. 2013) and "Beginner’s Neuroscience” (c. 2014) can be found in local dumpsters and lining restroom stalls.

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