Stella Corso


Some people don’t know their own ruby.

Are surprised little inklings just posting in the universe.

I run around screaming cockroaches!

This deli feels dirty.

We can teach each other self-management, though.

These are our private benefits.

For instance, a playful monkey bought a bank.

What fantastic idea will swim up next?

God walks into a door I mean a bar.

Let’s get back to questions.

Who put these sinners on loop?

Would you like to try a sample?

Guess cancer is the new waiver for summer semester.

Stella Corso lives in the Pioneer Valley where she runs a vintage clothing shop called Pale Circus and teaches at Western New England University. Some of her poems can be found in Coconut Magazine, jubilat, Caketrain, notnostrums, and H_NGM_N. She is a founding member of the Connecticut River Valley Poet's Theater, also known as CRVPT.

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