Dave NeSmith

Dave NeSmith does stuff. Which isn't nothing. But in the end won't add up to a hill of beans. Because those beans will fall down the gravity well of our sun some day. HOT BEANS! But if you want some info here you go: NeSmith has toured internationally in art-rock, punk-rock, and rock-rock bands such as the Rah Bras, Men's Recovery Project, Maximillian Colby, Sleepytime Trio, Sweatpants, Regents, and Bats & Mice. El Greed, A collection of his illustrations, was the first book published by Publishing Genius Press. He currently lives and works and loves in Sacramento, CA with a beautiful and brilliant wife, Aparna and a son named Suvan who loves going to the car museum and asks his dad to sing Chaka Khan on occasion. Preferably a song in which she rocks it in a car.

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