Ben Fama


Fashion makes me less crazy
it should be looked at
never discussed
it’s an honest joy
to be shocked by beauty
in the 21st century
I was shocked when my lover was caught stealing
from Dean and Deluca
I was thinking of a line
by Robert Hass
the floor manager stopped us
we simply went to a different store
a requiem for leisure, pleasure, thought
I cannot take your high school friend’s
hoop earrings seriously
and every picture on my phone is obscene
seriously, look at it—
all these fucking effetes
boring travel stories
details of somebody’s dreams
champagne condensating
on leather seats
all summer long
I wish I could afford a room
at The Peninsula New York
suites with TV’s above soaking tubs
with city views
and all that sun on Fifth Ave
I live inside it too
I am at Uniqlo
buying underwear
and after I paid
I stayed and shopped again
a surprising second erection
after you’ve just finished
and you know it’s time

Ben Fama is the author of Mall Witch (Wonder 2012) as well as several chapbooks, including Odalisque (Bloof Books 2014) and Cool Memories (Spork Books 2013). With Andrew Durbin, he edits Wonder, an open-source publishing and events platform for poetry, performance and new media art. He lives in New York City.

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