Chris Toll

The Cellular Choir
A flash fiction and two poems

M: I – GP vs. SH: AGoS vs. TGwtDT
for Adam Robinson

Buffy the Vampire Slayer falls in love with James Bond. When Buffy and James fail to stop a nuclear explosion that destroys San Francisco, Ghost Protocol is initiated – Buffy and James lose everything but a private jet and an unlimited supply of fuel. Iron Man bathes in the blood of virgin boys. His assistant, Dr. Frankenstein, collects vintage Star Wars action figures. Iron Man and Dr. Frankenstein are suspects in the explosion. Buffy and James dress up like Catholic schoolgirls and – during the course of a tag team strip chess match – attempt to trick Iron Man and Dr. Frankenstein into confessing.

 Why Isn’t Try in Divinity?

An inventor
hires an orphan girl
to maintain the robots
on his isolated estate.
I make my heart an open book.
Her only qualification for the job
is her skill with a raygun.
Why is a diary in incendiary?
The domestic staff is a coven
of lesbian vampire witches.
Two lifelines race side by side.
Trust me – in an alternate universe,
you’re truly loved.
The nun who writes plays in the locked attic
died on the surface of Mars.
Now she has a cheetah’s heart.
Your heart is a seed.
Let it break.

Love and Let Love

My church
fries an armored car
for breakfast.
My gazelle
grazes on a train station
beside a quagmire.
My superhuman parable
quaffs a shopping mall.

Chris Toll was a poet and collagemaker who lived in Baltimore. His book The Disinformation Phase was released by PGP in 2010. Here is information of the Chris Toll Memorial Chapbook Prize.

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