Dennis Mahagin

estoppel pays for the souls he threw over

It was the late summer of his life
and he perched on the brown slate roof,
his arm shakily slung round the chimney

as if holding onto a brick house wife,
her reasons for remaining cold, aloof
notwithstanding: she was no enemy,

in fact, had his back, packed no knife,
as the stars stayed put, illuminating proof
of soot, and a slope he sensed now, dimly.

So let's leave him be, in summer at first light
 with smudged cheek, he belongs on this roof:
a weary sweep, who fell asleep by his chimney.

Dennis Mahagin’s writing appears in magazines such as Juked, 3 A.M., 42opus, PANK, Storyglossia, Smokelong Quarterly and Stirring. Friend him on Twitter:!/scruffy123/statuses/54281885257437184

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  1. Dennis this is so good! You never miss, you've got it nailed down tight.