Bryan Keen + Kimberlee Hunter

Bryan Keen: "This is a love song.
I know you think it is dark and all despair. I know it seems like it’s just anguish and moody and brokenness. I know you think 'I have no idea why this could mean love to you'.

I don’t really see those things in this song, even though that has been part of my experience of love. This song is different than that for me.

This is a love song.
It is slow.
It is enduring not fleeting.
It builds.
It moves in waves and overflows.
It is repetitive and long-suffering.
It changes and returns and changes.
It is rhythmic.
It is groaning and wailing.
The high notes are mixed with the low.
It is electric but earthen.
It is expansive as a vast chasm but not empty.
There are tides.
It is patient.
There is resolution.
There is triumph.
It is difficult at the end."

Kimberlee Hunter: "I like it."

Bryan Keen and Kimberlee Hunter got hitched in a barn in Osceola, Wisconsin even though they live in Minneapolis, MN. They ride bikes, listen to music, grow and make food, and walk Henry The Dog down at the real actual Mississippi River. It's beautiful. They are idealistic people who work day jobs; they own a kid named Elijah who is rad and ten.

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