Scott Churchman

In Philadelphia, in a haunted house from 1750, Scott Churchman wrote and recorded an album. Like the house, the album echoed of voices from a collective, forgotten past alongside the chill of eerie, lo-fi sounds from creaking guitars, haunting piano notes and a lonely upright bass. The spirits of the house, ghosts of Leonard Cohen and Black Sabbath, crept within the creases of sound and once mixed with the intimate themes of paranoia, restriction and revelation become the basis for the albums songs - a slate as empty and interpretive as it is lush and full.

Churchman's album was made with the help of his closest friends from bands like Ape School, Folklore, Charlotte Littlehales, Hermit Thrushes and a handful of others.

Scott Churchman leaves it up to fresh ears to find original meaning in the album, it's home and the rooms and spaces where it was recorded. Some ghosts may still linger, but they somehow become one. . . leaving the front door wide open for new guests to breathe. The album Thirteen is available from Single Girl, Married Girl Records.

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