Steve Finbow


chapter 1


Videotapes, intentions, kissing the grime, dung moustache, beginning overweight. Abaziah. Weight. Have ever afternoon, homeless, stairs eventually forward. Zichri. Pock-marked from sweaty shirt at frontier, black, rolled away. Jotham. About numb and private. The toilet door closed. Zebediah. Star-shelling flutes and eggs. Aggregates. Assignments. Explanations. Shallum. We have looked at it easily and it does not. Quickly replaced besides. Ahaz. Oozing together over shaved. Points that expire brightly in the chocolate receptors. Eliashib. Bats. In the passageways. Lungs. Cartilaginous. Uzziah. Two spots of land. Surrounded by. Lakes. Pumped up and screaming. Hamath. Tumbled beyond. Lost there. Flickered abstractly. Jehoram. Climbing through mornings. Jerking laughter out of clocks that are yet to exist. Iddo. Lower lip engineering. Bright light. Brighter. Concentrating. Concentrated. Mishael. The little spank. The opening of the mouth, the eye, the anus. Zerubbabel. Barely enough. Mechanical. Unfathomable. Punctuate the skin. Puncture the page. Ahikam. Just edit down the particular. Clouds of dust, frosted glass, Vaseline lens. Darius. Plunging gums alongside clumps of hair. The spectral bloom of shit. Tophet. Imperative. He takes your hand. You. Open up. Sticks it in. Beautiful. Jarib. Licking nostrils. Fucking trees put the cart before the horse. Shelemiah. I can’t take it. Wounded somewhere – temple, buttocks. Any time you want. Pashah. Glans. Learn the secrets. Forget them. Again. Turns out flesh. Again. Johanan. Parasitic. Gazes as it passes. Pulsing virus plucking at the bones. Achor. You smelling of fate. And he perfunctorily fucked. Micaiah. I haven’t made it. Got lost in the imagined. Grasping, entwined. Jabez. The construct. Calloused and adversarial on the backseat of the bus. Scintillating. Unconcerned as we descend the mountain. Chemosh. Against the wind. The smell from the ovens. Excremental juices. We all turned toward the exit. Azriel. Hugging thighs. Screeching. The gates pierced your nipples. Sparks. Rezin. The objects used for opening, for drainage – catheter, cannula, and stent. Don’t blink under the surgery lights. Anathoth. Rags spread. Hands spread. Spoon clenched between teeth. Dog. Muscles unfastening. Masseiah. Dog. Relax into the light. Kicking. Smell of a. in. Out.

chapter 2


Interior. Rampant. Twice experienced. Bleeding sheen of garden path. Zephaniah. Outward. Between her lips he blows chunks. Size of her schnozz. Hanani. They were merged. After her visit. The birds of prey. With this twisted white and memorized the became black as. Elioenai. Follicles bound to stone. Man and woman. The bystander. Preciseness. Pedaiah. Their boots mired in earth. Ever closer. Teeth forming. Morning indication in the trembling lash of light. Shushan. An outer circle of trees. An orange unbuttoning. They entered out of nowhere. The dear ones. On and in and out and up. Shephatiah. Becomes. A and an and the. Becomes you and we and he and she. Becomes. I. Gone down. Gaza. Conveyor. Sleet on their faces. Pressed. Feet. Bandages. Eliakim. Peering through the broadening light at the elsewhere. Personal. Carnage. The night before. Gedaliah. Ordained. Disgorged. Names arose. They must learn the mirrors and the passions. Last night, when they were all alone, the other crept amongst them, penis in hand, sweat dripping along his flanks to finally leave perfect spheres of moisture on the cold sands of the desert. Sodom. Reduce. Redemption. Colony. Trick to recognize. Been there since. Given this number. Kerioch. They were going over when they came between. Spectral elements. Detained. Like the cries of falling glass. Shebnah. Amongst the pines. Within the reeds. Covered in dirty water. Fatigue. Deliberate. Deliberate. Deliberate. Because of your age. From a distance. Behind the crescent. Waxed. That I will serve. No. They chose the latter sign. Edge. Avoiding. For some days they could not distinguish the incident from others in their history. At the draining water. Jerimoth. After the walk. The wondrous terror. Bestirred. Never uttered. Ahaseurus. And then slowly in the red glow. Shameless. The awakening. Heaves it out. Glistening. Bald. Zoan. Traverse and pebbles. Turds. Embellished beyond ritual. A cave of vases. Unglazed. Hilkiah. Bent over. A gap there. And the librations. Man turning into. Impenetrable. Hands callused and held us. They dared say and they said. Assur. Menaced by shadows before the barbwire fences at the outer reaches of the land. Bedbugs. Exhumation. Micaiah. The smell of a fountain tickles their nostrils. Functional.

Steve Finbow lives in Tokyo. His novel Balzac of the Badlands is published in October 2009. He has another two books due for publication in 2010.

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