Everyday Genius, March (Laura Ellen Scott, editor)

Here is an excerpt list of the March 2010 posts.

March 1, Mon: Ravi Mangla
I sat next to Richard Yates on a plane to Los Angeles. He was knocking back glasses of bourbon. One, two, three, four … Nervous, I asked.

March 2, Tue: David Kaufmann
Attention now count the damns

Of remonstration the damn

Was cold was still damn

March 3, Wed: Kathryn Scanlan
She developed a dappled scarlet rash and used it as a passport. When at last it seemed as if no more good could come, she collapsed into a sweat and the doctor was called. He diagnosed an acute consumption of nerve.

March 4, Thur: Jimmy Chen
Which is how you ended up in the hospital, or, because we are in France right now, hôpital;

March 5, Fri: Barry Graham
The opossum in the far left lane, looking me in the eyes, just before I splattered his brains on the highway. My envy of his inability to fear death.

March 8, Mon: Ben White
And then I will quit. I will uninstall my copy, and I will walk away. For good this time. My computer will stick to running Microsoft Office, Firefox, iTunes, and the extensive collection of videos I have amassed in a hidden folder since the sixth grade.

March 9, Tue: Tara Laskowski
The ice screams as it folds over itself.

March 10, Wed: Gabriel Orgrease
And there was a cattail growing there in Brooklyn.

March 11, Thur: Danny Collier
The gods crown the woman. She gives speeches. The smiths forge iron. She wears the armor. She leads the troops. She crushes the enemy. She is victorious. She is betrayed. She falls. She is victorious despite this. Wounded, bleeding, she founds the Republic. She dies. She is victorious despite this.

March 12, Fri: Donna D. Vitucci
You cannot know her pain, and your imagining it is a slight form of honor, as well as choice betrayal.

March 15, Mon: Michelle Reale
She’d have cut a woman like that off at the knees before she had kids, but that seemed like such a long time ago and she knew that a leaking woman had no leverage.

March 16, Tue: Dawn Corrigan
Each of us wears a .45 and each of us is supposed to shoot the other if the other is behaving strangely. We sit still for a long time, until I feel itchy all over. Is my gun loaded? Suddenly I want to double check. Would he consider this strange, though?

March 17, Wed: Tamm Walters
The loose bachelor herd of wildebeests, having no territory to defend and therefore no stray estrous females to court, decided to make it a Blockbuster night.

March 18, Thur: Joseph Young
Facebook lived in midtown, for there the people and windows shone like water.

March 19, Fri: Kyle Hemmings
She woke up with lily pods in her eyes.

He rolled over with a strange hum . . .

March 22, Mon: Roxane Gay
They take pictures, then flip their cameras around and laugh and shout, “Dude!”

March 23, Tue: David Erlewine
When I wake up, he is upstairs, banging things around, yelling. A few minutes later, he unties me and leaves.

March 24, Wed: G. Walker
“So it’s true; they broke your arms and legs and put metal rods inside,” he said.

“It was an experiment,” she told him.

March 25, Thur: Jen Michalski
Keep moving, she would say. She would take his hand and pat it alive, stick it in her mouth, warm like that . . .

March 26, Fri: Erin Fitzgerald
There's a saying that all it takes to leave the adventuring life is one day in town. I just got tired.

March 29, Mon: Cami Park
There, there already, the wish, the air.

March 30, Tue: Robert Swartwood
You’re just eleven, she says. What do you know? She lets me drive back home.

March 31, Wed: Steve Himmer
And like that my days in the garden began to go by.

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