Shane Jones

A So Sad Big Man

A so sad big man sat in a bathtub. There was a yellow light that hung near the ceiling and a white fog that surrounded the bathtub. The bathroom door opened and a man riding a bicycle came into the bathroom. “It smells like a so sad big man in this place,” said the man on the bicycle. The man on the bicycle started riding in circles around the so sad big man in the bathtub. He rode as fast as he could, the back tire sliding out on the wet tile. “Feeling any better?” said the man on the bicycle. “A little,” said the so sad big man breaking a smile. Around the bathtub a yellow tornado stood up.

Shane Jones has been published in a lot of places. Light Boxes (PGP) is his first novel. His next book, The Failure Six, is forthcoming from Fugue State Press in January 2010.

His blog is called
I Think You Are A Good Person.

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