Roberto Montes

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You have WON                        anything you can hold
by definition        We are alone        in our bodies


expanding at a discounted rate               and
slow to reform  Like an underwear model


when I was a boy     how he could save all of us   by letting
me run my cheek across his abs Or the anatomical


symbol of his stomach    on the black market    Where we all end up
is somewhat together     Our face unwrinkled and stem cell soft


which is to say  paralyzed by choice       This explains
why     Building a better  bod            is easy    but impossible


just think          of infidelity       yours to acquire      or give up
Honestly    it will kill you          for thinking anything at all


But a large cock or chest couldn’t hurt   Only your image
in the rising waters      we watch     our shins become accustom to

Roberto Montes is the author of I DON'T KNOW DO YOU (Ampersand Books, 14) and 'HOW TO BE SINCERE IN YOUR POETRY' WORKSHOP now available in full at His work has appeared in or is forthcoming from Coconut Magazine, Deluge, Apogee Journal, Nepantla, and elsewhere.

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