Victoria Sroka

12 -

how many occasions are there for lost letters?
letters written, but never sent.
letters sent, but never arrived.
letters arrived, but keys lost
key found, but letters unread
inside here is my letter to you.
its function is that which courses
through your veins
when you sleep.
the leaf floats down to the east,
but travels the creek to the west
& I have no sense of direction here,
but the way my body falls in its
retractable motion.
the fish on the hunt for their
chase after one another,
pulled out of my stencil sleep,
which would be worse if you weren’t
here watching me.
it starts in my hips
the mouthful digested in my belly
around and through the corners of the
maze of my ribs
it’s trajectory slings past my heart
climbing through my throat,
but my ears, it can’t move past
my ears, so it stops.

Victoria Sroka is living and working in Litomyšl, Czech Republic. Her musings and anecdotes can be found here.

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