Boast Choan

Experience Points

A bird at the grocery store fed me hummus and beans at the same time.

I knew better than to accept food from a bird.

I learned that somewhere.

The bird was on the top shelf, a good distance away from the meats.

It’s where you would expect to find a bird in a grocery environment.

Either there or by the sad bags of frozen vegetables.

I told the bird I was going to yell at it.

It fake laughed.

I fake laughed to cancel it out then crazily snuck into another aisle.

There were cans there.

Boast Choan is a writer in Salt Lake City. He is the author of Darwin and Jonathan - Sea Ocean VI: The Time Is Right and has a blog


  1. Love this.

    Hope to see more from you, Boast.

  2. Sad bags of frozen vegetables make me cum. Thank you for the cum.

  3. @anon1 - Thanks!

    @anon2 - Yep, any time...