Agatha French

A List of What I'll Write About, Compiled Earlier This Morning.

  • Pool shadows = whales.
  • Blackberry bushes scratch your thighs.
  • I am an Indian. Why? (Let’s ask grandma.)
  • Soon you’ll ask me to play and I’ll be the one saying I’m too busy.
  • The procession of uniformed catholic children walking to church in B.H. during lent.
  • Spencer’s photo in Sister Leonella’s office: was it really there?
  • Mom’s shrink was dying in Hawaii.
  • Pushed off the bench.
  • Pneumonia/skin and bones/lips chapped raw. Mom and Louise: “You look so pretty.”
  • The meteor shower.
  • Mountain man rendezvous.
  • “I made that fox pelt quill.” – Mom.
  • Muddy Waters and Janis Joplin in Markleeville.
  • Mom meets the devil, says no to hell.
  • Mom’s lists/Mom’s summary of Mexican history.
  • Almost dying in the seaplane on our way to see some lepers.
  • Good white wine looks like clear pee.
  • The turkey photo: Amy.
  • Disney cookbook – I don’t remember making snowballs, but she says we did.
  • Pan dulce and Nescafe = Old Mexican ladies with perms and bruises.
  • Taco parties.
  • The way Lupe chops an onion.
  • Spencer stole the koi; I named him Lou.
  • Terri on the tennis court.
  • Evolution according to Lupe.
  • Who set Dad’s tapes on fire? (Mom speculation, like “I think he murdered his wife”?)
  • Little Mom behind the barn.
  • The bees. Charlie. Barn door raft. Allergic and anorexic and shirtless.
  • “I don’t know; I think the world is full of evil now.” – Mom at the B&B.
  • Mom’s room/house. Recycled wood gives kids splinters.
  • Dad’s room/house. Cold.
  • Filling up the bathtub for blue gale.
  • “Why can’t you tell me your mantra?”
  • Haunted hotel rooms.
  • The glass playhouse.
  • Mom becomes a catholic.
  • Cherokee – oranges, butterflies, roses, swimming, chickens + something else.
  • “Remember when you were on a plane that was hijacked?” “No.”
  • “They’ll record your breathing before they kill you and then play it through the intercom.”
  • “We imitate each other’s faces.” “That’s pretty primitive.”
  • Quiqua’s room. Hologram Jesus.
  • The red-light in the bathroom.
  • Old dogs with bad hips walk like models.
  • Pine nuts and rosehips. Baskets.
  • Saltwater lake + mocha milkshake = bleeding exema.
  • June lake has no bottom.

Agatha French has written for, Edible LA, and The LA Weekly Online. She lives in Los Angeles, California.

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