Rachel B. Glaser

God is popular

god is popular with athletes
they think about him while they practice
but rarely will he watch with one of his eyes

he has countless eyes
a hundred eyes, more
he is all eyes, but they hurt
and he can never sleep

the ocean is okay
but boats crowd it with their wakes
god can’t help but look at every bubble

it puts a strain on his eyes to watch small things and fast things
cities, streets, fingernails,
dots on a die

he prefers to watch other planets
Saturn and those ones
those are graceful
more one color

watching Rushmore be built
the Great Wall
something lengthy and accumulative

he hates fireworks
but the worst is to see a needle being strung
the little end of the string struggling to fit

his eye feels like its been injected with iodine
a space shuttle has crashed into the eye and now its stuck

he cannot rub it
he is invisible
no one can help him

Rachel B. Glaser has published work in New York Tyrant, Unsaid, American Short Fiction, Dewclaw, and many other journals.