Ken Baumann

Hungry in the blue hot, hungry in the gord. Wantin out.
You know my husband? Tony?
So g'damned hot I just wanna sweat. Pour. Pores. Pores and pour.
Yes, I'd hope so. I married the bastard.
I'll let you two talk for a minute.
God almighty the ring on her, lookit that thing. Where's the man behind that chunk?
Just gettin a drink, honey. I have to, it's just swelterin!
God I hope the kids are behaving themselves. Back to that ring, that ring, my oh. Me oh my oh my. What I'd do to get my hands on that man, that man's money with my kinda body, hubby's body. His chin, specially. The boys have that chin. The boys have that face, handsome things. Word, can't be thinking about them like that. What He'd say! Boy. What He'd say, seein me with this drink.
Little bastards. Cute lil things.
Oh, were you? How convenient. You tell him about you're tan lines, too? You Texas summer whore
Oh, how funny! Girl, how funny.
I hope those tan lines are permanent. God, you're a bitch. Not you, Lord, lord. You. Joanne. Bitch.
Honey, I agree completely.
Look at him just smile and listen. Yeah, you better dart those eyes over to me. Makin you sweat a little, huh? We'll see you sweat later, you fuckin devil. Husband o mine.
I agree, this turned out so nice, Margaret did such a wonderful job with this.
Lil sparklers
Yes, yes! The kids have been great, too, even your little ones.
Take that, bitch
Boys will be boys.

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